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Boucle Collection

Introducing the exquisite 'Boucle' Collection

Inspired by the French word for 'curled' or 'ringed' yarn, where handwoven artistry meets timeless design. Crafted with 100% cotton and natural yarn, each piece in this collection embodies elegance and comfort, making it a perfect addition to any room in your home.


Enhance the charm of your living space with the Bouclé Cream Square Footstool

This handwoven piece features a delightful blend of cotton and natural yarn, providing a cozy and inviting texture. Supported by Nordic-style legs made from 100% solid mango wood, the footstool exudes both style and durability. Versatile and charming, this square footstool is the ideal accent piece for any room, offering a touch of sophistication and comfort.


Bouclé Cream Curved Bench: Infuse your home with style and versatility

Handwoven using 100% cotton and natural yarn, this stunning curved bench brings elegance to your space. Supported by four Nordic-style legs made from 100% solid mango wood in an oak-ish finish, the bench showcases a seamless fusion of materials and design. Perfect for hallways, bedrooms, or living rooms, this boucle-upholstered bench adds a touch of luxury and offers additional seating wherever needed. Discover the allure of the 'Boucle' Collection, where handwoven craftsmanship and premium materials come together to create furniture that elevates your living spaces. Each piece is designed to exude timeless beauty, providing both comfort and style to suit your lifestyle. Welcome the 'Boucle' Collection into your home and indulge in the art of luxurious living.

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